Selected Poems & Essays


Postcards Project in Journal Nine 

“You Can’t Make an Omelette Without Breaking a Few Eggs” in Underblong

“High Tide” & “Swim Class” in Nightjar Review

Dead Wagon” in Glass: A Journal of Poetry

“Home Grown” & “Fixer-Upper” in Tinderbox

“Pike’s Peak” in Town Creek Poetry

“Denotative Meanings” in New South

“Irrealism” in inter|rupture

“Discursive Repetition” & “Structural Patterns”  in Sundog Lit

“A Doctrine of Signs”  in Rust + Moth

“Tundra”  in Redactions

“The Young Journals” and “Fireweed”  in Red Paint Hill Quarterly


“Wilderness” in The Account

“Walk it Down”  in Vela

“Semantics”  in Revolver

“The Pine Effect”  in The Citron Review