1.15.20: Exciting news for the new year! Stephanie and I won Editor’s Choice for the 2019 Quarterly West Chapbook contest. Our book “Phrasebook for the Common Era” will come out later this spring. So many thanks to Stephanie as well as the QW crew.

7.14.19: Frost & Thaw was released by Red Bird Chapbooks last fall (!!!) and my co-conspirator  Stephanie Bryant Anderson and I were finalists for the Rabbit Catastrophe Girls Like Us Chapbook Contest. Our collaborations are slowly making it out into the world and we couldn’t be happier. Check out a new collaborative poem over at Underblong.

8.14.18: After taking a little time off from other projects to focus on something new I’m happy to say the fantastic Stephanie Bryant Anderson and I have collaborations recently published in Bone Bouquet, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Nightjar Reviewand Birmingham Poetry ReviewPlus, Frost & Thaw is currently at the design stage of production. Happy, happy summer for poems.

3.17.17: ferox femina is now available for purchase over at dancing girl press. So many thanks to Kristy Bowen for making this chapbook happen.

11.11.16: My fourth chapbook, Frost & Thaw, will be published in 2017 by Red Bird Chapbooks. It’s the second part of my Alaska poems series, the winter to the summer, and I’m excited about the opportunity. I’m finding solace this week in the power of poems and I’m glad this small cry will be out in the world.

9.5.16: Good news from Dancing Girl Press this week! My third chapbook, Ferox femina, will be published in the spring of 2017. You can find more information on the DGP website or by following me on Twitter; I’ll be posting updates here too!

Also, I’ll be reading at APSU twice this year: October 6th and November 21st. More details soon.

6.13.16: The wonderful Deborah Bacharach has featured one of my poems on her blog. Find it here and be sure you check out her work as well.

3.14.16: This year at AWP I’m planning CalArts’ official alumni reading. There’s a website and a twitter and a Facebook event page so there’s no shortage of information. I’ll be wandering around the convention center too, checking out the book fair (stop by Zone 3’s table and say hello!) and maybe doing a signing. Hope to see you!

9.1.15: May thanks to Austin Peay State University for featuring The Pine Effect in the Fall 2015 issue of Austin Peay Magazine.

8.25.15: Two upcoming events–first, I’ll be chatting with Chris at the Chris Top Program on Friday, September 11 at 12 p.m. You can stop by the Clarksville Customs House if you’re in town or you can tune in to a live broadcast here. Show up Saturday for a chance to win a free copy of The Pine Effect. 

Second, I’ll be in Hattiesburg, MS for a reading Friday, September 18 at 4 p.m. (LAB 108). So many thanks to USM English for asking me back! Come by early (2 p.m.) and pick my brain about the academic job market, reading, writing, and publishing.

6.29.15: The Pine Effect is now available! You can order it HERE and you can always add a review to Goodreads, if you’re feeling fancy. I’ll be MIA this summer (off to the AK for backcountry and fish camp fun!) but I will be reading at The University of Southern Mississippi September 18, 2015. Stop by and say hello!

This spring I did a podcast with Red Paint Hill Publishing on BlogTalkRadio (find it here), and I added a few more recent poems to the samples page (RedactionsRust + Moth, and burntdistrict).

P.S. My editor’s newest collection is available from Blue Hour Press and is tiny in size but big in meaning. It’s a beautiful little book and you should probably check it out (Monozygotic | Codependent).

3.24.15: Check out the Austin Peay State University press release for The Pine Effect HERE.

1.31.15: The Pine Effect is making progress toward publication and is set to be released in March! Also, check out the Red Paint Hill website for exciting news and updates.

9.23.14: I wouldn’t be writing this post asking all of you (who I know are underpaid and overworked) to contribute if I didn’t feel strongly about this project and about the mission of Vela Magazine. Obviously I have a personal interest in this magazine. As many of you know, I write for a weekly feature called “Women We Read.” It’s a way to highlight women writers and the good work they’re doing. In addition,Vela published my essay “Walk it Down” last year; they did so immediately and without hesitation, pouring their own time into helping me make that essay the best it could be, giving me a forum I wouldn’t have had otherwise. There are few forums that focus on long-form nonfiction, essays, and criticism by women and Vela is one of them.

Please consider donating to the Vela Magazine cause. I am so honored to be a small part of this group and so awed by their dedication and hard work. You can donate HERE.

9.20.14: I am so delighted (beyond delighted!) to announce that my first full-length book of poetry, The Pine Effect, will be published by Red Paint Hill Publishing in March of 2015. So much gratitude and so many thanks to the team at RPH. I cannot wait for this process to begin!

7.14.14: The very talented Kristin Cerda pinpointed my favorite night of AWP 2014 HERE. My favorite combination of community and support.

7.1.14: My chapbook is available! In a poetic turn, I received my copies in Kotzebue. So many thanks to Red Bird Chapbooks for their work in making this little book happen. I couldn’t have hoped to work with a lovelier group of editors and designers.

5.15.14: I’m excited to begin interviews for a research project I started this winter. In addition to my summer trip to northern Alaska, I will also be traveling to Fairbanks and Anchorage and then back to Kotz. Let’s hope a river trip can be squeezed in too!